The “Adjustment Period” for First Time Shampoo Bar Users

Commercial detergent shampoos strip away the natural protective oils and as a result of this your scalp produces more oil to compensate. Your scalp becomes conditioned to this vicious cycle of excess oil production.

As you transition to a natural shampoo bar, your scalp needs time to rebalance scalp oil production. During this transition period, some people may find their hair feels extra greasy or heavy.

Since we use only 100% natural ingredients in our shampoo bars as opposed to the chemicals found in commercial shampoos, it makes for quite a different shampooing experience.

Our natural shampoo bars don’t contain harsh cleansers such as SLS, which strips oils and some of the coatings off of hair (usually before adding a new dose of silicone) and it may take up to a couple weeks for synthetic coatings to work their way out of your hair. Also, our scalps can produce excess sebum in response to the natural oils being stripped away by commercial shampoos. Sebum production will gradually return to normal as you use a gentle shampoo bar.

Your hair literally has to “learn” how to live without the chemicals.

*Information courtesy of Glowpots Candle Co

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